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Katrina Perano
Katrina Perano has been a working artist for some years from her Little River studio on Banks Peninsula. Creating prints, paintings and life drawings, as well as tutoring in print and life drawing. She has a degree with honours in fine arts. And is now a ‘Recycled” High school art teacher. Katrina is passionate about all things art and New Zealand.

Detailed Information:-

Artist, Katrina Perano, has been the creator and designer of an extreme range of art disciplines.
She has a passionate, organic style that shows through all her work, whether it is visual art, digital art, illustration, photography, craft or design.
“I’m very passionate about my art and I find it very invigorating and I love working with anything that I can get my hands on,” Katrina Perano has said, in relation to her Lino prints that, “Whenever I make a new carving, I challenge myself with more and more detail. I like to make up little stories within the work, while portraying the personalities of each creature, using humor and elements from New Zealand’s fascinating past. The same really goes for my painting too. If a work amuses me then its success”

Regular exhibitor at;
'Little River Gallery' & the 'ATA creative gallery' in Akaroa.

work can be seen online at;
and blog;